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The creation of a website is the first step to go digital and promote your business. You have a website creation project, and needs to provide your business with an efficient Web service, our team of IT developers realize websites adapted to your requests and your budget.

Responsive design by DNA Nations

Responsive design

We adapt your website to all screen formats : PC, tablet, mobile, big screen, etc.

DNA nations performance


we accelerate the speed of display and optimize the cleanliness of the source code propelling your website among the best performing on the Web

Tailor-made design by DNA nations

tailor-made conception

From design to functionalities, we develop the website of your dream, unique, and in your image

Our wide range of web product extends to the most popular digital services,, such as Wordpress websites and Prestashop online store, to Tailor-made services, with advanced functionalities and great display performance. The dna-nations.com website is an illustration of this, with its playful parallaxes, and its speed of display.

Website of our client IB-Vision

Tailor-made website

To get started in the digital, the most important step is certainly the creation of a website. Going through the stage of owning your website isn't insignificant, to the extent that it means for you acquiring a permanent, presence, on the Internet. Our role, in addition of providing you with technical solutions, is to assist you in the accomplishment of your project.
step by step, DNA Nations put you in connection with a project manager to guide you in setting up your project, on the Internet. Dedicated entirely to your website, he designs, jointly with your ideas. He develops with you the functionalities of your website, navigation architecture, as well as a preview of the creation before it's published. He also assures the liaison between our teams of graphic designers, who will design the visual of your dreams, and our web designers, who puts their knowledge to work for your interface and the experience of your users (UI et UX). this will make your website intuitive and pleasant to navigate space for your future visitors. Once these steps have been completed, Our developers will start building your website. hosted on a test serveur, you can check the progress of the project design, and can observe the progress of the project at any time.

Our developers use the latest web technologies to create a proficient website, that meets the requirements of search engines, and users : html 5, css 3, php 7, javascript, jquery, etc. Starting from the blank page, Our IT specialists have great freedom in carrying out your fully personalized project. Your source code is clean and contains only what is necessary to meet the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

photograph of an e-shop


Faced with the proliferation of websites, many support systems for website creation have appeared. Wordpress is the best known of them because it allows access to an intuitive administrator space allowing you to modify content at any time. You have a rapidly deployable website on the internet, with most famous and prestigious Wordpress design. Wordpress is a solution that meets everyone's needs for a website, without necessarily requiring the intervention of IT developers. A showcase websiteor a catalogue website can be quickly produced with Wordpress.

website of our client CR-Distribution

online store

We offer to create a personalized store using the Prestashop system. We assist you in the creation of product sheets and optimal store design.
Your store integrates all the functionalities necessary for the functioning of an e-commerce system. We integrate an online payment system: paypal or other online payment systems of your bank. We deploy a back office to allow you to manage your inventory online. You will, therefore, have the possibility of preparing your product sheets yourself. You are autonomous and can sell your products freely on the Internet. We also offer if you prefer to use our expertise, assistance for the development of your e-commerce.

support, maintenance and hosting

Operating a website sustainably requires some technical skills. To allow you to settle serenely on the Web, we offer a sustainable support service. We manage the operation of your digital service for you: update, maintenance, watch on sécurité, on referencing. We ensure the continuity of your service, in the face of unforeseen events in the digital world. Problems related to language update generating incompatibilities, hacker attacks, or simply management of the server or hosts, we ensure and guarantee 24/7 operation.

In france, 60% of companies have a website.
Among them, 70% don't conform to web standards.
photograph of an e-shop

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