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Natural referencing

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is the first form of communication for advertisers on the Internet. Its main objective is to position a website in the first position of the results displayed by the search engines, after entering an inquiry.

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Position your website durably in first place on search engines

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Visibility on the Internet

The heart of the digital challenges

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Being ranked first in search results can significantly increase visibility, and directly influence turnover. Optimizing natural referencing is an area that requires taking into account the good practices enacted by Google and Bing, the two most used search engines. This set of rules allows websites that respect them to rise to the top.
SEO optimization requires a certain duration, to go up in the indexing of search engines. If the website has just been created and puts online, it will slowly go up. If it has been online for some time, you will need to give the search engines time to record the end of the bad habits, to incite new indexing. Natural referencing, for it to show results, it must be carried out to implement a long-term strategy.

Three fundamental components of SEO feed on each other, and when mastered by the webmaster, provide the site with the best possible referencing. These three components are the technique, the semantic and the notoriety of the website.

The DNA Nations team is made up of SEO experts who apply their know-how and experience to improve your positioning on search engines, with the ultimate goal of being in the first place. The agency offers real-time monitoring to assess the progress of your natural referencing.

SEO optimization


Among the three pillars of referencing, the technical part requires SEO skills and consists of making the site more efficient. For this, our experts apply to create a perfectly responsive site, with a design that automatically resizes according to the resolution of the device used to view the website (phone, tablet, etc.). They are also concerned with optimizing the page loading speed. SEO experts take the time to organize a smart tree structure within the website to promote links between different categories and pages and generate better internal networking.

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DNA Nations also brings its skills in semantics by preparing rich content and adequate semantics beforehand. For this, the agency performs a search for the most relevant keywords to your activity. The goal is to allow Internet users to access your website in the most instinctive way possible.
In a second step, the creation of markup and the writing of good quality content will increase your traffic.


The popularity of a website is also one of the three pillars of SEO. The algorithm assesses a website based on the number and quality of inbound links. Links from external sites generate backlinks.
Quality backlinking generates a quality external network, which leads to the promotion of the recommended website. The quality of the recommending website is therefore crucial, to avoid bad linking.

Get high on search engines and reach the top of the ranking.
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Long term strategy

Measure return on investment

DNA Nations ensures that the websites of its clients be in the best possible position. By providing day-to-day monitoring and control on the positioning of our customers, we can offer a constant and lasting increase in positioning. Thanks to real-time analysis tools, the agency also regularly monitors the content that converts the best and those that are the most consulted to offer an even more effective positioning strategy.

SEO trends

Google and Bing algorithms are constantly evolving through regular updates. The agency keeps a constant watch and stays up to date with the latest developments, to always provide its clients with the best impact in SEO. Our goal is to see you in the first position, without ever being overtaken by the competition.

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