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Our team

Our team is made up of collaborators and partners at the highest level of skill requirements, in their respective fields. DNA Nations works with a team of enthusiasts, trained in fundamental strategic trades in the development of any digital project. We are driven by the unwavering desire to bring your projects to life, to design and propel them, from the paper concept, from the idea, to the most developed platform.
Our team identifies your projects, establishes them the major issues, the key elements, and reproduces them with the greatest accuracy. This conception of correctness in the realization of the project can be summed up in two key ideas: Respect for the idea that our Client or Partner has of his project, and the technical support that our experts can provide, in order to make it as crystal clear and solid as possible in the global digital landscape. We bring your ideas to life, they're in good hands.

Our team

Photo of the DNA Nations team : Franck
Project Manager
Photo of the DNA Nations team : Julian
Web and Web CMS Specialist
Digital Strategy
Photo of the DNA Nations team : Yuna
Cyber security
Back & Front end developer
Photo of the DNA Nations team : Jeanne
Back end developer
Network specialist
Photo of the DNA Nations team : Ismael
Marketing Digital
Photo of the DNA Nations team : Maxime
Graphic designer
Web designer
Photo of the DNA Nations team : Pierre Clément
Pierre Clément
SEO Expert
Digital content
Photo of the DNA Nations team : Maxime Bernard
Maxime Bernard
Community Manager

ADN Nations deploys its team on various projects, depending on the importance of the latter. All of ADN Nations' technical and financial expertise is thus deployed according to the terms and conditions provided for in the contracts that bind us to our customers.

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