“Like the furrows of DNA
it is a solid and natural link that we develop between the continents”


We are a digital development agency hat deploys its expertise to stimulate and support the growth of young companies on the Internet medium, on a continental and international scale.
By relying on an understanding of the operating mechanisms of the Web and the adapted tools, DNA Nations supports businesses, SMEs, young incubators, actors of inclusive finance... in the emergence of their identity and the development of their activities on the Internet.

Illustration of the creation of DNA Nations logo

The symbolism of the agency

Why DNA?

DNA is the biological identity of any entity. It contains and produces the elements necessary for its growth, defense, and reproduction.
Like any living organism, the economic entity, to exist, must be able to function, develop, and last over time.

DNA is thus the analogy of a healthy constitution in essence. From the crucible of on existence to the test in time, which has its place in evolution.
Of the capital of solid attributes, cut to brave the difficulties of existence, and which leads to perennial life.

In its visual representation, DNA is also suggestive of lasting and robust support.
The two large intertwined grooves of DNA symbolize the union f two entities advancing towards a common interest. The nucleotide strands that connect each helix inside it represent exchange and solidarity in development. A development resolutely turned towards the future.

Our DNA: Promoting inclusive economic growth of young companies in the digital domain
representation of the deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA
Représentation de la révolution du numérique

The agency mission

A forward-looking plan

The agency’s goal is to promote inclusive economic growth for young companies in the digital domain, using the Internet as a vector for growth, diversification, and the promotion of mutually beneficial partnerships.

In the short term, we help young companies to create an existence on the Internet and promote their development.
By providing our advice, and by having the adapted tools, we create the impetus necessary for a solid deployment on the web and a rise in value chains.

In the medium term, we increase the visibility and dynamism of the company's activity on the Internet.

In the long term, the agency gives autonomy to companies it supports to allow them to create real employment and vocational training opportunities in a sustainable, efficient, and mutually beneficial manner.

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