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Communicating with clients is above all about creating ties. These ties can be as varied as the forms of communication. DNA Nations helps you diversify your communication media.

Digital creation by DNA Nations

Digital creation

Video, audio, photography, graphics, ...
Our artists create your digital media

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Our artists also work with ink and paper.
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The impression.

digital publishing by DNA Nations

digital publishing

Offer a modern vision of reading
by transposing your works in digital format

Photograph of a graphic creation to illustrate the multimedia service of DNA Nations

The many forms of communication

Between modern and traditional media

The digital domain offers a wide variety of media to allow companies to communicate. Whether through social networks, on the Internet, or even in promotional videos, the digital field benefits from a wide variety of communication levers. The digital activity also feeds more traditional media, such as insert, commercials, etc. It is in this sense that the term multimedia takes on its best definition.
The interconnections between the levers within a multimedia communication ecosystem become important since they are a guarantee of quality.

The digital media

The possibilities offered by the display on a screen are numerous and impactful. Video is very important on the Internet because it statistically captivates the user's attention more than on text. In 2020, 80 % of internet traffic will be linked to the video.

Advertising inserts and other digital displays also occupy a significant space in the digital landscape. Advertisers use display campaigns on social media, or on high traffic websites, to provide increase visibility to their products and/or services.

Email and sms campaigns can also be effective prospecting tools. Finally, to meet internal and corporate communication requirements, DNA Nations offers the creation of brochures, leaflets, and other catalogs intended to materialize the faithful expression of our clientele.


The creation of a video is broken down into different steps: production, editing and publishing. Like the agency presentation video, produced by us, this can include shots, motion design, logotype animation, mixing, and audio mastering, etc. This allows for maximum quality visibility on the Web.


A graphics performance goal is to identify your needs and express them for you while retransmitting your message in the clearest,the most impactful, and elegant way possible. Both artistically and technically, your message can be distorted due to confusing, overly mixed information. Your message can also be distorted by inadequate visuals, sending unwanted messages.

A choice of typography associated with a simple color can completely modify the very message essence. The visual composition is also of great importance in the representation harmony. It can just as much reinforce or distort a message.
A graphics performance is found in each communicating digital element: digital brochures and catalogs, social media posters, email signatures or digital campaign flyers, sms,...

"Ink is the main resource of traditional media and offers through printing a magnificent work of the material."
A device broadcasting a video to illustrate DNA Nations multimedia service
Photograph illustrating the implementation of an effective communication strategy

The digital edition

Gateway between modern and traditional media

Digital edition or electronic edition strictly speaking isn't a communication method. It brings together methods of content production intended for digital broadcasting. It is a mode of expression that passes through screens and therefore belongs to the digital world. It is only natural that the agency made it a full activity. The purpose of a digital edition is to spread content on different reading devices: computer, smartphone, tablet, or even e-reader.
The digital book also offers great flexibility in how it is produced.

commercials benefits

There are no more trade barriers due to paper printing. A single file can be easily marketed on a large scale, from all digital publishers: Amazon Kindle, fnac.com, Apple iBookstore, Google Play. Particularly suitable for the online market, the digital book can be sold and sent by email immediately after purchase on the Internet. The reader can start reading his entire book in an instant.

Distribution benefits

With instant Internet delivery, there are no more physical boundaries to acquiring an ebook. Readers can obtain work simultaneously and instantly from all over the world. They can also read their content on devices with a screen. Other technical advantages such as XML, save time with a rapid transition from digital to printing.

Photograph of a graphic creation to illustrate the multimedia service of DNA Nations

Traditional media

They are the first existing communications media and are not digital. Still widely used, they use the traditional printing manufacturing process. DNA Nations produces documents intended for printing, in formats, and according to the most suitable nomenclatures. We work closely with printers to offer you technical expertise, as well as full support during the création phases, until validation by the client. The document is then printed and delivered to its recipient.
Traditional media thus include catalogs, brochures, flyers, but also posters and signage. Business cards and other documents to be physically delivered. Guarantees of quality and prestige, printing also makes it possible to bridge the digital world and vice versa. A document can thus be declined in many media.

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