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In the era of the digital revolution, businesses are developing more and more business on the Internet. In this extremely competitive and diversified economic environment, companies need to stand out to attract a clientele drowned in the vastness of the offer. Companies call on our marketing services to understand, increase, and retain their clients.

Strategic plan by DNA Nations

Strategic plan

We determine the most suitable strategic approach to promoting your products and services

Community management by DNA Nations

Community management

We are developing a community with a high engagement rate on social media

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we manage your advertising campaigns on the Internet

The market analysis allows a structural position in a coherent marketing strategy, with the expectations of the target and the objectives of the company. A market plan will then developed.

The second step brings together the implementation of the marketing strategy. Cross-media communication, the use of modern digital tools, and the implementation of bold advertising campaigns are just vectors of the identity of the company as of means of prospecting and loyalty.

Backed by its marketing expertise, DNA Nations brings together all the rigorous procedures that contribute to it (creation, promotion, and distribution of an offer to a target audience). In addition to the development, the agency has a team of technicians that ensure the operational implementation of the strategy. A manager checks the achievement of the objectives and the effectiveness of the actions before transmitting it to the client.

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The development of a marketing strategy

Marketing plan

The marketing plan is a synthetic document, which formalizes the strategy. This document requires market analysis (target consumers, competitors, distribution channels, Pestel analysis, objectives, differentiating factors, and positioning) to clarify the strategy and set the objectives to achieve. To do this, the agency uses diagnostic and decision-making tools to identify nd improve the company's weak points, capitalize its strengths, and seize the opportunities.

development of the offer

To create an offer that stands out from the competition, our marketing experts study the stages of the purchasing process as closely as possible, to identify unfulfilled expectations among the consumer. This brings a differentiation that will best meet the expectations of the clientele.

dissemination of the offer

DNA Nations is developing a distribution strategy consistent with the target and its positioning. The agency chooses the media and supports best suited to the advertising objectives and consumption habits of the target. Thus, we use the various communication channels on the Internet (purchase of space, sponsored links, websites, social networks, and viral videos) and Direct Marketing (e-mailing, sms, flyers).

communication of the offer

We use the creativity and insight of our communication experts to define a powerful and coherent message with the target. DNA Nations also uses relationship marketing that aims to create, develop, and maintain a personalized relationship with clients and prospects.

"Develop your brand image and express your potential with the elegance and refinement that suits you"
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The implementation of the strategy

Advertising agencies on the Internet

The generalization of broadband and technological progress has enabled the development of sophisticated forms of communication. digital communication is more precise and often more profitable than traditional communication. The development of smartphones allows an even more sophisticated targeting. The agency leverages the levers of the Internet using social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), advertising platforms (Google, Bing, etc.), and emails campaigns.

social media campaigns

The promotion of publications on social media generates more visibility on the promoted publications. Advertising agencies on social media have many criteria for segmentation and targeting. That allows us to precisely reach the most relevant prospects for the activity of our clients.

Adwords campaigns

Adwords campaigns on Google and Bing are for companies of all sizes, wishing to promote their brand, improve their turnover.
The purpose of “search” campaigns is to make our client's website appear at the top of the search results.
They provide the possibility of targeting precisely, thanks to keywords and controlling the communication budget. They also make it possible to be put online in less than 24 hours and to measure in real-time the effectiveness of the campaign and improve its results.
Google and Bing “display” campaigns are the most similar form of communication to traditional advertising. Creations are posted on websites in reserve spaces and allow them to target a wider audience.
“YouTube” campaigns bring the possibility of creating advertisements in video format and being able to interact with clientele in a whole new dimension. The nature of the link is therefore very deep.

Email and sms campaigns

At the heart of relationship marketing, email campaigns allow you to have a wide range and good conversion capacity. Secure and encrypted client databases are essential for an efficient emailing campaign. The data collected is used to segment the sending of emails to send a targeted message. client knowledge offers a good adaptation of communication actions and seeks a lasting commitment for a better return on investment.

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