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IT security

The Internet is a gigantic network of information, through which enormous quantities of extremely varied data pass. This information can be reliable and benevolent, or dangerous and malicious to the users. Internet websites are the most exposed to threats from the web. Whether you are a website user, as a web user, or a website owner, our goal is to protect you from web threats.

analysis and security audit by DNA Nations

We scan your source code

Analysis and security audit of your IT system to establish a security assessment of your source code.
We take stock of the state of your IT security

Securing your digital systems

We secure your Websites

Content security policy, secure communication protocol, securing data transmissions...
We deploy the necessary measures to secure the flaws in your systems

Good security practices by DNA Nations

We advise you on the good practices

Staff awareness of the risks involved, data backup, system back-up, ...
We advise you on the practices to adopt to limit exposure to web risks

The quality of information on the Internet and its function vary widely. They range from simple informational text posted on a website to malicious script injected by computer pirate or hackers into Web applications to gain control.
IT security aims to protect you from these threats. It revolves around two principles: safety and security.

"Lock your digital services to computer attacks"
Secure your IT system
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IT security principal

IT safety

AN IT service must be performed, without any form of corruption, according to the expectations of the user and the owner of the service.

DNA Nations secures your system to protect you from attacks aimed at altering your digital service.
A malicious person will, for example, seek to replace the content of your website to dénigrate the owner or to relay any kind of political message. A computer pirate can also redirect your legitimate page to a page belonging to him, and recover information from your internet users by abusing their trust.

Denial of service is also a type of attack. This consists of making an IT department unavailable. For example, users will no longer be able to access your website, and your service will be unavailable.


A digital service must be able to resist cyber-attacks that will aim to corrupt it. Security takes precedence over attacks, making your service hermetic to the best known and most formidable attacks.

Logos of l'OWASP and l'ANSII
Photograph illustrating IT security

IT security implementation

Our solutions:

We base ourselves on the recommendations of the OWASP and the ANSII, as well as the experience of our security experts, to provide you secure products. We guaranty the functioning of our services, and the permeability to hackers attacks.

We carry out source code evaluations to determine your level of security and thus provide you with a report on your vulnerability. Based on these results we list the area of improvement to protect yourself from the most dangerous attacks: code injections, SQL, shell, Broken Authentication and Session Management, Cross-Site Scripting, redirects, ...

We also provide you with advice that aims to provide you with a set of good practices to avoid behaviors that generate vulnerability On the Web.

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