“At the dawn of the digital revolution,
institutional relations and the functioning of societies are disrupted in favor of an inclusive global economy”
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Field of action

International context

In the global economic landscape, the digital boost the economics and social innovation thanks to the Internet and new technologies.
By dematerializing physical distance and bringing people and resources together, institutional relations and the functioning of societies are disrupted. At the same time, it opens up unique opportunities for the benefit of an inclusive global economy.

The digital development has thus allowed creating a new génération of entrepreneurs, innovative and responsive to consumption habits that are constantly renewing themselves.
The possibility of creating companies, partially or completely dematerialized, is also a great opportunity to creates economic ecosystems, Integrating many skills profiles, federating and unifying operators, and actors at the global level.

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Why digital?

The global digital transition

The dynamism of digital activities leads to a growing demand for new skills. Digital training is an integral part of the development chain for new players, their skills and their strategic positioning.
Faced with new technologies, it is sometimes difficult to recruit people with these new skills.
La distance training learning allows skills to be exported from a country already active in the digital economy, to countries in transition or full emergence.
The skills are then the same globally, and there is no inequality from country to country. Each stakeholder in the digital economy, regardless of their country of origin, can and must be an actor of innovation and growth for a more inclusive economy, on global level.

These are the issues that drive us. Support and educate young economic actors by preparing, reinforcing, and perpetuating their integration into the global digital transition. Allow them to project their ambitions on a continental and global scale in markets with the most significant growth potential.

Develop relationships between the North and South continents and take advantage of the potential of the Internet to promote an inclusive economy
Representation of digital connections between continents
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Fields of action of the agency

Geography and sectoral approaches

The agency’s field of action extends internationally by targeting companies from french et english speaking countries. Aware of the digital revolution that is happening in Africa, we want to support the countries of this continent in their digital transition, to allow them to develop at best.
• Southern africa
• Central africa
• East africa
• West africa
• North africa
• Non-regional member countries

therefore our priority is to develop supportive, public and private, ambitious, and multi-sectoral:
• Agro-industries and the use of drones
• Industry, mining, and manufacturing
• Trade, transport and tourism
• Services
• Administration and NICT
• The green economy (classic) and the blue economy (sea)
• Urbanization and sustainable cities
• Education, health, and social sectors

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