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DNA Nations works with SMEs and large enterprises to accelerate their economic and commercial development by carrying out strategic studies.

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Market analysis

Give yourself a global vision of the digital market, to better tame it

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Structuring of the offer

We study your offers, to detect your strengths, and highlight them on the market

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We propose a better positioning of your offer compared to the competition

Our experts analyze your business sectors to precisely determine the risks. We collect essential data on the company, its clienteles, its products, its services and its positioning to carry out detailed diagnostics. The audits are carried out with the utmost confidentiality, independently, sourced, and documented.
The agency then offers solutions that will respond to the areas for improvement raised by its audits, as well as short, medium, or long-term follow-up. DNA Nations provides advice grouped around two main axes: market analysis, and technical analysis.

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market and environmental analysis

A primordial approach for the communication of a company

Market analysis is the preliminary step to implementing a marketing strategy. This analysis consists of identifying the clientele, the environment, and the competition related to the company, to establish a global vision of the market, concerning the possibilities of the company.

clientele analysis

Understanding clientele behavior and motivations make it easier for the company to meet the needs of its clients.
DNA Nations studies and draws up the profile of the ideal client (buyer persona).
We analyze different components of his personality, his emotions, his behavior, his location, his purchasing criteria. Each element that can lead him to call, or not, your service, or buy your product.
The analysis of this information allows us to determine the clientele base of our client, and thus refine his offer.

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Competition analysis

Our agency carries out benchmarks which consist of comparing the products and services of our client, with the leaders of its market. The benchmark brings together a set of sourced analyzes obtained independently and confidentially.
The analysis of the products, services, or practices of competing companies, such as their marketing process or management model, thus makes it possible to acquire a better understanding of the good practices which lead to dominating its sector of activity. This element has a major influence on the growth of a company, in the short, medium, and long term, in particular by making it possible to set objectives for improving productivity and competitiveness.

environmental scan

We analyze the context in which our client wishes to evolve. The environment takes into account different variables (political, economic, socio-cultural, technological environment ...). Knowledge of this environment allows the company to know the structural trends that will allow it to identify the opportunities and threats that surround it.
The objective of the company is thus to enhance its brand, its products, or its services while standing out from its competition in the most suitable way possible.

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technical analysis

Process diagnostics by our technical agents

DNA Nations carry out technical audits to detect areas for improvement that will strengthen digital activity. The expertise carried out by our agents in the technical fields allows company websites to comply with new standards established on the web.

A researcher who prepares a long series of analyzes

Our SEO audit

Our team makes a diagnosis of natural referencing and identifies areas for improvement, and possible hidden problems that have an impact on traffic.

Our content quality audit

This audit consists of evaluating the constituent elements of the content of a digital medium (website, social networks, applications, web marketing campaign.). It then allows modifications to improve positioning on search engines.

Our UI / UX performance audit

This audit is designed to assess the user experience (User Experience: UX) and the ergonomics of a digital service (User Interface: UI) to detect possible improvements in the user journey. This will increase the efficiency, legibility and attractiveness of your website interface or mobile application. A good interface increases the conversion rate and decreases the rebound rate.

E-commerce audit

Our experts verify the performance and reliability of an e-commerce website based on different performance criteria related to activity and client service.
To increase sales, professionals need a functional website that delivers a quality client experience. Our agency provides the necessary advice to improve navigation and encourage the conversion of visitors into customers.

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GDPR and Security audit

Since May 25, 2018, the new standards of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) have come into force. As soon as a company processes personal data, it must be able to demonstrate its compliance with the security and transparency of the data it stores. A business that fails to do so could risk heavy administrative penalties and serious reputational damage.
The digital development agency offers to assess and provide advice on the control of users' data you collected to meet European privacy requirements. It will allow you to develop your market serenely and legally in Europe.

E-mail deliverability audit

The deliverability of your e-mail is an essential parameter in an e-mailing strategy. That is why the agency experts offer a diagnostic to measure the efficiency of the reception of your e-mails.
The objective of this audit is to determine everything that can affect the sending or reception of your emails: blacklisting of your sent addresses, spam reception, emails by your contacts, et cetera.

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